Boba Babes hosts events and catering as well!

Have a waffle bar on location or bring our fresh tea{se} to your office for a interactive experience.

Please inquire for event catering rates.

Whether it’s for a team meeting or for a wedding, we’re here to make it special.


Delivery: Available soon

In-store drink pick-up: (20-100 DRINKS)
With this service, we will mass assemble all the drinks for you at the store, then place into our drink carriers, and have you quickly out the door to deliver the par-tea!

We do ask for requests to be sent (72) hours in advance, but if it’s tomorrow, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

Please fill out this form:


On-site services: We offer our best quality drinks with freshly made boba in Boba Babes 16oz cups. We mass assemble drinks in advance, delivering a beautiful grab and go station for a premium guest experience. Our bobarista service includes assembly time before your event and then (1) hour of guest interaction.


Studio rental

Photography Studio Rental

$55 Per Hour {non-exclusive use}
$110 Per Hour {exclusive use}



We look forward to hosting your next event babe!